This was the first thing I ever learned how to make. It’s very easy, just fold and press in all the raw edges so you don’t have to bother with serging or zig zag stitching the inside edges. It finishes it’s self!

The measurements are just a guide line, you can make this any size.

We have an electrial panel in our front hallway/ kitchen. It sticks out about 1/2″ from the wall and it’s long so it’s hard to cover it with a picture or anything else. I hate it. It’s really ugly. Not all panels stick out like this (so my electrican boyfriend tells me). Apparently only “older” homes have this. I’m just glad it’s flat.

Now it’s a chalkboard. It’s cute, functional and I love it. It’s also magentic, witch is pretty handy aswell. Total cost: about $9

All you need is come chalk paint, a paint brush, and maybe some painters tape. Apply 2-3 coats following the instructions on the can. Pretty easy.


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